SPRING 2016.

25th April 2016

'Behind The Glass' is offically released

New album 'Behind The Glass' is officially released today! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way, be it coming to the gigs, pledging towards our funding campaign or sending us your kind feedback. We'll be taking our new show to London, Sheffield and Bromsgrove in May and we can't wait to bring it all to life.

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9th March 2016

Album cover revealed

We're very pleased to reveal the cover for the new album Behind The Glass – out 25th April.

8th December 2015

Pledge campaign reaches 100%

Firstly, thanks so much to everyone who's supported our funding campaign so far – we've been been blown away with the response! We've just hit 100%!

The CDs are on the press, the T-shirts and posters are printed, the last flourishes added to our personalised tunes and the band archive has been raided, uncovering old rehearsal notes, drafts and scribblings to add to our special Tune Book collections.

Pre-order via our PledgeMusic Campaign to help us fund the release, and receive your advance copy before Christmas!

The money raised from this helps us cover the costs of our recording, with any extra funds above our target amount being out towards promotion of the album and release tour in the new year.

There’s still a week left to pre-order ‘Behind the Glass’ to guarantee delivery before Christmas, way ahead of it’s Spring 2016 release.

3rd November 2015

Support our Pledge Campaign and get your pre-release copy of 'Behind The Glass'

After 12 months of writing, rehearsing, gigging and recording, our brand new album ‘Behind the Glass' is nearly finished!

This October, we took the huge step of bidding farewell to The Old Dance School and introducing everyone to The Fair Rain.

The support and response we have received over these last few weeks has been amazing. We’re so glad you’re joining us on the next step of our journey as a band!

Along with this announcement we also revealed the first song and video from our new album; Mannequin.

We’re now excited to announce that The Fair Rain’s first release, the brand-new album ‘Behind the Glass’, will be due for release in early 2016.

However, even sooner than that, we are offering our friends and followers the opportunity to get their copy of ‘Behind the Glass’ well in advance... and before Christmas!

With the help of the good people at Pledge Music, we have launched a campaign to raise the last part of our finances to complete ‘Behind the Glass’.

As an independent band, we have been fortunate to fund our albums, tours and videos by the support given to us from our followers. You who have traveled to our shows, taken home our records and shared our music with friends and families.

By pledging towards our project, you will receive a digital copy of ’Behind the Glass’ to download on December 14th, when our campaign ends. You can also order a CD copy of the album, along with our personal thanks, delivered to you before Christmas!

Throughout the next month an a half of our campaign, we will be sharing with our ‘pledgers’ behind the scenes footage from our time recording ‘Behind the Glass’, exclusive album previews and video messages from the band.

We’re also offering unique, bespoke merchandise and events, from limited edition t-shirts and tune books, to personalised tunes by band members and house concerts…

Please visit our Pledge Music page and help us take our new music, along with our new name, to new and exciting places!

9th December 2015

Free Download

We're giving away a free download of ‘The Hollow’, a tune we wrote whilst rehearsing in Mid-Wales having just come down from a misty morning walk up an old holloway at the top of the valley.

For those early-birds who have already shown fantastic support, the song can be heard and downloaded using the Access Pass.

Please help us by spreading the word to friends and family alike by emailing, Tweeting, Facebook-sharing, graffiti-ing, crocheting, putting it in your yearly round-robin, carol singing... and sharing this link:

13th October 2015

We've changed our name! Introducing The Fair Rain.

Read the full feature on Folk Radio UK

Throughout their seven years of touring three studio albums, the band has absorbed a rich palette of influences, and evolved far beyond their roots in traditional folk music. Their provocative songs intelligently weave together shimmering strings and soaring brass crescendos, bright grooves and floating fiddle melodies. A new album Behind The Glass will be released in early 2016.

This week, the band are taking the bold step of changing their name to The Fair Rain. “We want to shed our skin,” explains founder and guitarist Robin Beatty, “We’ve known for some time that we had to make a decision in order to move forward. The new album we’ve been working on for the last 12 months feels like a real gear shift in the way we sound, so we know this is the right moment.”

“We’ve come a long way since our early beginnings playing traditional music for ceilidhs and sessions. We hear a lot of, “Are you a school?”, “where were the dancers?”, “but you’re not old!”, and we don’t want our name to hold us from growing in the way we want to. We’re really grateful for the support of our followers over the years, and we realise this is a big leap of faith. We just hope they’ll come with us.”

Behind The Glass features one the band’s darkest tales yet. Mannequin – the story of Franz Reichelt, the French tailor who tested his flying suit invention on himself in 1912, from the Eiffel Tower.

“We thought it was fitting”, says Robin Beatty. “Just like Franz Reichelt, we’re standing on the precipice.”